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Since Founding Fortitude Investment Group, Jeffrey has been providing accredited investors with real estate investment opportunities utilizing the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) for their 1031 exchange needs. A licensed registered representative since 1995, he provides wealth management solutions for investors nationally and internationally, focusing on access to multiple investment products from multiple firms.

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Posts By Jeffrey Kiesnoski

New York Becomes Second State to Pass Sweeping Renter Protection Laws

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     10, Dec 2019

The DST: Rules of the Road & Advantages of a DST for Investment Property Exchangers

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     08, Aug 2019

The DST: A Passive 1031 Exchange Option for Real Estate Investors Tired of Managing Properties

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     29, Jul 2019

How Real Estate Attorneys, CPAs and Qualified Intermediaries Can Help Educate Clients on the Benefits of DSTs

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     31, May 2019

Updated: 1031 Exchange Pitfalls To Avoid During Tax Season

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     21, Feb 2019

1031 Exchange Utilizing the DST: Information For Real Estate Sellers

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     23, Oct 2018

1031 Real Estate Exchanges & Alternative Options

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     12, Jul 2018

Attention Real Estate Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Investment Property Real Estate Brokers and Qualified Intermediaries!

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     17, Feb 2017

Extended Thoughts on the IRC 2704 Proposed Regulations

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     08, Aug 2016

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Versus Tenant-In-Common (TIC) Ownership

Jeffrey Kiesnoski   |     05, Aug 2016

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